Sep 29, 2017
April Kelcy
Earthquake Preparedness

April Kelcy is an award-winning emergency management consultant and founder of Earthquake Solutions. 

The majority of earthquake injuries, and also a great percentage of the financial losses, are actually preventable.  Some of the most effective mitigation strategies are also one-time, relatively low-cost projects that may increase your home’s value and possibly even qualify for grant funding.  Come and hear the latest updates on our region’s earthquake risks, and simple ways we can all work together to save lives and our region’s economic future.

She helps clients to achieve intelligent and practical preparation for major disasters.  Her first and foremost concern is protecting life safety throughout all phases of a crisis, and then positioning people and businesses to get back to normal at the earliest possible time. With over three decades of advocacy in this field, April’s work has resulted in actual saveing of lives, businesses and homes in past disasters.

April is also a consultant and statewide leader to the Earthquake Country Alliance and Great ShakeOut project, which last year had over 55 million participants globally.  In this role she develops and delivers workshops specifically to improve the knowledge and capabilities of emergency managers in government agencies and disaster organizations such as FEMA, the Federal Executive Board, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, LAPD Crisis Team, American Red Cross and more.