Thank you Eric Hamilton for arranging today's informative Vocational Fair.
It seemed that everything had a theme (was this planned)?
We can purchase homes from Keith Sorem. We can get the financing from Ken (Bank of America).
Need help with taxes or audits, see David Smith (the only person who stayed and worked in his major in college).
Does your jacket need cleaning, Ray is the guy. Then there is Rick (Ricky to me). We learned the valuable difference between
Replacement Cost Value, and Replacement Value, not to mention being a member of AARP. Leonard can help you with commercial property management while Yvette is an ace at teaching artists the difference between numbers and colors by managing their taxes and books. And when all else fails, call Angelo. He fixes everything, can build anything, and survived the "closest" model for Peggy. And don't forget, at the end of the day, it's important to Brand yourself, your company and your message. Check with Stephen, he's the best.