Posted by Alex Parajon on Aug 03, 2018
“Where Service Creates Happiness”
President Peggy Smith kicked off our meeting today with a lot of excitement again with some great music trying to get us pumped for an exciting meeting.
President Peggy Smith Welcomed everyone and thanked the folks that helped get everything started.
Greeter - Alex Parajon
Inspiration - Lynn Chen
4 Way Test - Ken Riedel
Pledge of Allegiance - Mindy Stackpoole
Sgt. at Arms - Phil Kubel
Cashier -
Room Setup:  Angelo Cirrincione
  • Eliana and Bella -Mindy Stackpoole daughters
  • John Mount '97 - '98 GSR Past President and current member of Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Rotary
  • Robert Ippolito- Past President of Crescenta Canada Rotary
  • Justin Shiflett - Salvation Army Lieutenant
  • Jorge Vasquez -ex GSR member but original 3 Amigo
Tri Fritz:
Fellowship event at Town Kitchen and Grill on Thursday Aug 9th at 6pm.  See his email for more info
Ivette Davis: 
Firemen Luncheon Oct 3rd
Irene Keller:
-Walk for Water fundraiser for Aid Africa on Saturday Sept 15th. Committee meeting after our regular meeting today.  We need to start signing up to Walk 4 Water.
Alex Parajon:
  • District Breakfast on Tuesday August 14th from 7am - 9am at the LAX Westin;  Anyone that is interested in Carpooling to meet at David Smith Office at 5:45pm as we will leave exactly at 6am.  Contact Peggy Smith if you plan to carpool.
  • District Picnic Aug 25th:  We need to build the boat
    • Angelo and Eli will meet after club meeting to discuss logistics
    • Boat Rider:  Lynn Chen and Sharon Townsend
    • Boat Building Location:  Keller's home:   Date for Festivities  TBA soon
Special Presentation
John Mount GSR past president
3 Amigos Orphanage next trip Aug 11-12 and a joint club Cruise trip Oct 12- 14;  more info posted on our event page and link to purchase your cruise. 
The 3 Amigos presented with a Special Award.
President Peggy Smith with John Mount as they did a club flag exchange.
New Member Induction:
President Peggy Smith -
Shared with us our new member Melina Sardar bio and honored that she has joined our wonderful club.  All Members gave her our GSR induction welcome!!
Fines and Acknowledgements:
Jeanett Cordon:
Getting married soon and will now have kids thru the marriage and will be a grandparent.  She is heading to Sonoma for a relaxation
Angelo Cirrincione:
Phone ringing during meeting
Zainul Abedin:
John Mount water well project of a $35K contribution and was thankful he was here vising us today.
David Viar: $120 Fine:
Glendale College Golf Tournament was a huge success net funding of $120K thanks to Rick Dinger Efforts. 
Rick Dinger: 
GCC foundation poker tournament on Aug 9th, please attend and support
Nina Crowe:
Youngest daughter going back to school and the other working in Boston this summer and coming home on Sunday and she was exited about that because she is making her husband go to the airport to pick her up.
Keith Sorem:
Closing on a house and played a guitar with the buyer
Velvet Rodes:
Excited that she was accepted to the Glendale Arts and Music Festival and wants all Rotarians to attend the Glendale Film Festival.  She will have special Rotary pricing
Ray Rangwala:
21 yrs Ago he joined Rotary when John Mount was President.
Keith Sorem and Phil Kubel
Due to time limitations this program was postponed till Aug 17th meeting. 
They did share a brief summary as to what we want to plan and accomplish
President Peggy Smith wished us all a great weekend and be the Inspiration!!
Next Week meeting:  Zainul to show pictures about the Toronto International Convention
Meeting Adjourned: