The News

Fines and Acknowledgements

Great Program on Social Media Marketing

Ian greeter
Denise Miller Director of Wellness, Glendale Adventist
David Viar, President of GCC, last time as a guest
Mr. Viar admires our clubs diversity/
Ian O'Dwyer started publishing the bulletin, fine free for a week when you publish a story.
Book distribution at Horace Mann postponed while books are collected, reports Nina Constin/.
Ray Rangwala reports the next trip to the orphanage, Estado29 will the weekend of Feb 15-16

Fines and Acknowledgements

Eric Hamilton, turned 51
Chief Scoggins.  Have a program, daughter was in Las Vegas,  made the jams national
Dave Smith - we were both sick last week..it was no fun
Went to Denver to Aunt Betty's birthday rescheduled because the Broncos were playing
Peggy Smith , arrived late for the third time in a row
Cindy was in Florida, PGA show
Met Kris at Hooters,
Maria missed meeting last week
Jory quit smoking, thanks to Dr. Nina making teeth white,


Program next week Sam Farmer, NFL. Beat writer

Social Media
Cat Corona Pilgrim
Member of American Marketing Association
Three things to know

1.  Your social presence depends on you
Small scale
General posts
Ask os

Pictures, questions, product announcement
Info graphics

1.  Large scale. A department

2.  Real time marketing example, Oreo tweet

3.  Content marketing , what do you want your followers to share
Triangle five steps
Monday customer highlight
Tuesday -  fact about industry
Wednesday -
Thursday- promotion for the weekend
Friday thank them, 90% connection
10% promotion
Social media is just part of the mix
Be part of an online community
Chipotle Joe does a great job, uses Facebook, twitter
Burrito with Santa hat wasshared 88,000 times

Biggest Social Media Mistakes #Hashtags Being used incorrectly
Need to haves - FaceBook page and a Blog

Weekly drawing $41 don Icardo  Kris Hons
Raffle. 21 cards $1021
Gabriel Matta
Sang Christmas carols and brought gifts to convelescent home