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D day 70th anniversary

How different nation states saw the invasion, the French, the British, the Russians, the Germans, and the Americans.

November, 1942  invaded North Africa, and we learned that we were unprepared.
This followed in July, 1943 we invaded Sicily, and we learned what was required.

By 1944, we were ready.
For the allies, it was a win-lose proposition. Eisenhauer was concerned that the landing craft would swamp on the way to the beach.

The actual casualty figures were less than they had anticipated.  

For America it was the story of how the US landed, then progressed through Europe.

In August in 1942 the British to invade Dieppe, to take some of the pressure off of the Russians, but it did not go well. The Canadian beach head was he only one that met all of their DDay objectives, a redemption for the Canadians.

The concept was to invade a port city to handle the supply of the 175,000 troops.
From Dieppe they learned that taking a port was not feasible.

Charles Degaulle,  French tank commander, learned that interspersing tanks among infantry was not effective.  

DeGalle secured from Roosevelt a that the US would help France regain it's foreign territories.  This agreement propelled us into the Vietnam war and Southeast Asia as a a strategic area.

The Germans were deceived that Pattons Command was going to invade, wrongly, that they would invade Calais.

Rommel was convinced that the invasion was not going to happen until high tide, 14 days away.  He was in Germany.  He had to drive back, could not fly due to Allied air supremacy.

What did Russia think of D-Day?
Joseph Stalin, 
The Allies thought that Russia would fall before Christmas , 1943, and did not support them.  

Churchill had given a speech suggesting the they support Germany to take over Russia, then they would go after Germany.  
Stalin perceived the Allies preventing him from taking over Germany.

Fast forward, Putin was not going to let Sevastapol be encircled by a foreign country.  

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