Visiting Rotarians - David Drwyer bids farewell and returns to his club in the UK to celebrate

Guests of the Club


Fines and Acknowledgements

Football Program

David O'Dwyer
Diane Miller - Senior Wellness Director from Glendale Adventist, a guest of the club
Baylor Gibson III, Realtor , guest of the club

Food drive next Friday Salvation Army, bring food or drop it off
Steve Ropfogel talked about the next school project. Putting up new fencing at a stool with privacy slats
Raised flower beds for Glen Oaks Elementary

Jorge Vazquez, Estado 29 orphanage in Ensenada, Saturday Feb. 15/16

Ian O'Dwyer thanked contributors of the club bulletin.

Sunday, May 18th Jewel City Bike Ride, see Eric Hamilton

Fines and Acknowledgements
Sharon, Tom Propst told me about his son who wants to be a zoologist, admired the zoology buiding at a local campus

Glendale Healthy Kids, tax write off Friday, Feb. 14th, have fun at Pirch for Valentines Day
Tom Propst
Zaven Kazazian you can drop off food drop off at Salvation Army, also on Saturday, the 15th
Business contribution bin at your place of business
Dr. Rachel Fine, is offering $10 off your dental bill if you donate a can of food when you visit her office
CV insurance is sponsoring Wednesday, dual  chambers mixers
Kris Hons , $25 for football pool
Frank Lopez, in honor Sara Rangwala for encouraging us to go to the orphanage
Bob Donnelly, former member, obtained his paralegal certificate and is looking for positions reviewing entertainment contracts
Nina Crowe Alex Theatre brochure is out, a great season coming up, including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in two weeks, tickets going fast.
Scott Pafford, February 2, 42 years ago,Officer  Candidate school on the east coast in winter.
Jeanette Cordon  birthday feb. 11
Stephen Ropfogel $6 .01
Denise Miller.  We are taking nominations for Women of Courage , commission on status of women, see the city website for nomination forms.
David O'Dwyer is paying a recognition for his club for 90 years old

Next week Pat Dahln, wholesale flowers,

NFL beat writer Sam Farmer discusses football in LA.
Los Angeles offers more leverage to others to get deals done outside LA
Stan Kroenke quietly bought 60 acre parking lo between Hollywood Park and the Forum
Los Angeles is The Ellis Island of NFL fans - every team has fans here.
The NFL is a victim of his own success, the TV business is huge.
To have authority to move a tean, an owner would need 24 of 32 votes
Stadiums cost one billion, divides the have and have nots
G3 program, loan program where owners do not have to pay them back
Super Bowls  to offset expenses with revenues.  Moving without the league approval you would never get a Super Bowl, probably could turn a profit.

Possibilities Raiders, Chargers, Rams
No appetite for expansion

Weekly drawing, $46.    Zaven Kazazian
Raffle $1,066  Nina Crowe.  She was very excited.  There were only 20 cards. sorry, she did not win.  Raised $6k for polio eradication campaign.