Sept. 11th great story from ground zero.
Ian's ALS ride
Eric zhamilton
Rick a dinger paid a fine for Kris paying a fine played with Steve a Jones
Shannon Alabaster Mobil Clinic. 
Built a clinic a Girl Child Network
Cares for 400 students that attend a school, raised enough money has solar panel. Has the endorsed by the Kenyan government and is providing water by digging a well
Rick Dinger introduced Kevin Danny, 
While attending Occidental earned a six week training program with Morgan Stanley in New York, arrived on Sept 8, 2001
Each floor was an acre, 110 stories.
Watched Monday Night Football, much later than on the west coast, so a little groggy on Tuesday morning.
At the 30th floor passed firefighters going up.
343 firefighters lost their lives.  Considering that there were 25,000 regular employees and many visitors, it is amazing that more people did not perish.
Rick rascorla Morgan Stanley security,marines that planes would hit the towers.  He died when he went back into Tower Two to verify that everyone was out.
Weekly drawing $32. Tri Fritz
Raffle $541. Ian O'Dwyer
Established Glendale Community College scholarship fund with $,3000