Posted by Leonard Shonka on Sep 22, 2017
Weekly Morning Meeting
September 22, 2017
Oakmont Country Club
  1. The Meeting was called to order by President Nina Crowe
  2. Meeting Roles
  • Greeter - Phil Kubel
  • Cashier - Keith Sorem
  • Inspiration - Keith Sorem
  • Pledge of Allegiance - Zainul Abedin
  • 4 Way Test - Peggy Smith
  1. Announcements
  • Alex Parajon announced that the club has a volunteer opportunity to work on transforming a portion of the Glenoaks Elementary School playground into a reading corner.
    • Volunteers will be needed for various physical and non physical labor. Sign up sheets will be sent to the club soon.
  • Anita Wallace conveyed the gratitude of Glendale Community College for the foodstuffs delivered last week
  • Cody Smith announced that Coats for Kids will be held on November 4.
    • Need Volunteers. Sign up sheets will be sent out to the club soon.
    • Done in coordination with Ray Rangwala's laundering service and the Salvation Army
  • Yvette Davis announced that the Firefighter Luncheon has been moved to October 17. The venue is still the Glendale Hilton.
  • Tri Fritz asked that any email announcements that need to be made to the club should be sent to him for coordination.
  • Nina Sonin reminded the club to network with their assigned networking people.
  • Nina Crowe reminded the club to sign up to volunteer for the Glendale Education Foundation Breakfast
  • Nina Crowe encouraged the membership to become duck buddy sponsors through Rotary
    • 50% of all funds raised through Rotary for the Duck Buddies campaign will come back to Glendale Sunrise Rotary.
    • This is a show of goodwill towards the Kiwanis club for supporting our Field of Honor event earlier this year.
  • Nina Crowe reminded the club to sign up for the Rotary fellowship event.
    • A Tailgate party at Glendale Community College coordinated by Rick Dinger
    • Dinah's Chicken will be served
    • The cost is $20
    • Sign up through the Glendale Sunrise Rotary website or see Rick Dinger
  1. Jeanett Cordon oversaw the fines and acknowledgements
  2. Our Guest Speaker, Escott Norton, spoke to the club about historic theaters in Los Angeles
  • Historic theaters came to prominence in tandem with the Film Industry
  • They created a escape from reality with their odd assortment of architectural styles
  • Downtown LA is considered the first theater palace district in Los Angeles
  • Theater palaces followed the decentralization of business districts, leading to periphery theaters like the Alex Theater in Glendale.
  1. Nina Crowe presented Escott Norton with a thank you gift from the club
  2. Jeanett Cordon conducted the opportunity drawings
  3. Nina Crowe adjourned the meeting