The importance of helping Swaziland.
Sat June 25 Arts and Crafts a festival

Hoop Heroes April 3

Fines and Acknowledgments
Four way test
Zaven recognized April 24 as Armenian Genocide day
Maria Gandera missed meeting s due to other duties as.  Assigned
Vartan Gharapetioan
Nina paid for those who did. To receive the email
Glendale Arts Shopping Day Saturday
4 tom6 food, drinks music,
Did not lose a puns this week
Eric Hamilton Screening a movie GEF 5:30pm $25 / $50 the Alex April. 21

Robin Seifert thank you for coming to my
Richard Diradourian  $6.80 birthday
Yvette Davis - over the hump, trip booked

Pastor Dave Roberts, Pastor, Montrose Church
Weekends are important
Youth Ministries, they need special care
Small groups, people doing life together
Service, locally and at large is what the church is about.

Swaziland, highest per capita Aids Rate, no GNP, not a little to of natural resources
The Swaziland Partnership is looking at ways to help, in terms of nutrition, health, education.
The church has committed to $300,000.  Dave Herbert, Oakmont member organized travel.
Working to build a church, when completed will enable a Child Development center to manage education, and nutrition, micro farms to allow the community to be responsible.  Adding a solar water well due to. Million dollar grant from Coca Cola for solar water wells in Swaziland.

A team of twenty people is traveling in June, they will be changed forever.
People do not realize how rich we are.

Weekly drawing $56. Patty Fallahee
Raffle $ 1, 320. 18 cards Kris Hons
Sponsored students to attend Model Government