Another great program about helping children in the Los Angeles County Foster system.  


Scott Bruner counseling for kids 
Brian Entezmana Peggy. 
President of Sherman Oaks Encino by Scott Pafford

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Peggy Riddle introduced Scott Bruner
MBA in health service, works for Counseling Kids

A full-scope Medical Service provider, ages zero to 18.
Primarily children in the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.  Known as the clinic without walls, children are visited in their homes, which reduces the number of missed appointments.

The ultimate goal is reunification of parents and children.
At Risk children with those who have mental health trauma
PTSD can have twice the amount of US war veterans. Depression, anxiety, and other behavioral problems.
60,000 in California, 20k in LA County foster are

Treatment Programs
Primary and early intervention 
General outpatient
Multi-Disciplinary Assessment
Parent child interaction therapy
Evidence- based

We are expanding, if you would like serve on the board, serve on the advisory committee, 

Weekly drawing $31. Sherman oaks Encino president
Raffle $612. Eric with interact bell ringing