Rotary notes 10/3/14
Breakfast :
Scrambled eggs
Assorted pastries

Induction of new member Mark Skeehan.  Mark's is a CPA and his father-in-law is a Rotarian.  There was a little confusion so Mark will be getting his certificate at next week's meeting.  

Coats for kids
Fire department awards luncheon October 15th
Trip to orphanage being planed for Thanksgiving weekend

Fines and Acknowledgments
Zaven just got back from Maui
Chris Hans got a new car
Ian paying for concrete boat race
Josh was up in Canada and his luggage was lost!
Chief Scoggins got an award from the Glendale Bar Assoc
Sean (guest for Glendale Youth Alliance) event coming up-Roast of Scott Ochoa
Eric Ohanessean birthday Big 40!
Marilyn 25th anniversary with the club
Keith was at a Keller Williams meeting in Texas
Angelo's daughter is going on a 10k walk and will be in the nutcracker

Wynn Ritch-Wynn was here representing the Boy Scouts and to discuss Norman Rockwell's work
Former Kiwanian now a Rotarian
President of greater Van Nyes
From Robinson Illinois home of Heath Bar
Eagle Scout
Joined Marine Corp out of high school and 2 tours in Vietnam
Collects Norman Rockwell Art
Mysteries of the Norman Rockwell boys scout print

$34 raffle
$646 in opportunity