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Fines and Acknowledgements

Cyber Security Program

 Raffle Winners

Denise Miller, Senior Wellness Director, Glendale Adventist Medical Center

YWCA Legacy luncheon April 30th, honoring Sharon Roth, Glendale Healthy Kids

June 7, 2014 Glendale Fire Foundation at Glendale Galleria, standy by for more details, By Zaven Kazazian

April 6th Hope Heroes, Kiwanis Vs. Rotary to benefit the Salvation Army, see Kris Hons if you'd like to play

Jewel City Fun Ride co-sponsors with the Glendale Noon Rotary Club, cycling event on May 18.  See Eric Hamilton for details, bike repair.

Fines and Acknowledgements
Rick Dinger, paid a fine, thanked Steve Ropfogel who dropped of cans of tuna
Andrew Pirim , poker tournament next Thursday, serious players, benefits Glendale Healthy Kids

Richard Diradourian, fine free,  Richards son wants to be a train  engineer, he came down to Los Angeles from Seattle (without telling Richard and Sylvia), interviewed with Amtrak , and now he is an Amtrak engineer.  Went to training in Delaware for nine weeks, 860 question test,  answered 859 correct,

Gina Crowe, little sisters getaway weekend in SLO
Glendale Mayors prayer breakfast. Thursday morning, Nina Crowe for details, tickets

President Eric Hamilton, Man of Year for the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, April 3rd

Tom Propst, when you change your clocks! change your batteries

Jorge Vazquez, there is a district newsletter, on Estado 29 read it!
 Lee Bird, Btech
IT Security for Credit Unions

Monitor credit union security, real time monitoring, encrypted date backup, patch management, keeping the systems updated with the latest updates
Managed firewall and intrusion prevention
Senior engineer IT support
Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
Email security and encryption
Security audits
Compliance reporting

Final Final - this is our final draft, you must comply by this date, after the credit union has invested money to comply! then they change the final

Is the internet safe? No
Awareness - what sites do you visit and what information do you give them

Over 75% of internet traffic is pornography, to draw you in and to attack you.

Anatomy of a breach
Target - initially said 40 million
Smackers jam lost one million credit cards last month

A week later said. 70 million
The real problem is that they did not have the tools to know
An air conditioning repair company hired, infected point of sales systems in Target
Te greatest threat is internal

Cards valued $26 to $44 each, sold numbers
The banks cannot make the cards fast enough to replace them

Why do they attack your pc?ut
What they want is to use your computer to attack the real resources, to attack bot net
Protect your pc
Verify that you have a firewall
A secure website htpps://
Do not use public kiosk
Antivirus software, latest definition files
Malware Bytes
Keep patches updated- they go after know I vulnerabilities

Spams emails are carrying attacks.  If you do not the person,delete it

Protecting your identity- social engineering
If they ask for information, ask for them to give you your number, call them back
If you do have to email confidential information.  It is not encrypted email service, do not use it.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

Change frequently
Do not use the same passwords for everything
Consider a pass phrase. Short sentences
Programs like kee-passhelp store passwords
Do not give to anyone
Sign up for alerts

Doing business on the internet
Only make purchases from trusted sites
Bill to a credit card in Paypal
Make sure have a secure connection

Never use public wifi

Microsoft Windows XP
Support expires April 8th.
Vulnerabilities discovered in windows7 and 8will be exploited in pcs that are running xp

Anti spam service, cloud based, Macafee has one
Sonic wall firewall $150 for home wifi a good investment,

Stay away from Dropbox

Ask kw about security of Google drive

Weekly drawing $43.  Harold Scoggins
16 cards
Raffle $1,241.  Jory Potts,
Glendale public literacy program