We enjoyed a visit from Rachel Fine and a fine program on political communication by Anthony Portantino.
Orphanage Aug 1 & 2 taking the kids to the pool =- see Ray Rangwala or Frank Lopez for details.

District picnic Sun. Sept. 20, 2015

Firefighter Lunch meeting is next week

Fines and Acknowledgements - Chris Hons announced special fines for people who used the word "past" in the announcement.

Kris Hons I was in the golf tournament last week
Rick Dinger travelled to Lake Tahoe
Arthur Charchian one year Rotary anniversary
Zareh Sinanyan, one year aroary
Jory Potts 31 years wedding anniversary
Peggy Smith 20th birthday
Rachel Fine, her birthday, it's a girl, six weeks to go, new go
Riedel Nina drilling two teeth, recommend her
Nina Sonin, Angelo fixed the ceiling
Mike Looking to the new year
Denise Miller, special Olympics event, I was the MC, that was great
David Pies, loved the inspiration
Angelo, Thank you for the work from club members, daughter is getting her learners permit
Violet O'Dwyer
Eric Hamilton, Josh Sneed, horses ate donated carrots
David and Norma O'Dwyer invited us to dinner

$31 drawing Jory Potts
$291 David Pies supported Glendale a Public Library Literacy Program