New member inducted

Rotarian of the Month


Fines and Acknowledgements


Guests-Isabella Reidel 


Yvette Bras for a Cause
Estado 29'club donated $1,000 to friends 

Rotarian of the month Tom Propst

Ken Riedel inducted as a new member (again)
Sponsored by Steve Ropfogel

Salvation Army's Food Drive is expanding to schools, see Steve Ropfogel 

Fines and Acknowledgements
Tom Propst. Two sons, one a competitive swimmer, invitation to practice with the naval academy swim team 

Yvette - saw Glendale Fire in action was great
Nick Hacopian also recognized 
Nina Sonin skiing in Park City
Jorge Vazquez to Salena , attended the Rotary Christmas Party
She has been driving me to meetings
Kris Hons Panama Trip,
Jewel Price who is Jorge engaged.
Andrew Pirim celebrating year six for Embroidme and our Casino fundraising business

Next weeks speaker Liz Cantone a business writing consultant

Past president of Oakmont Pat Dahlson
Eight brothers and sisters selling flowers on street corners, now wholesaling in7 states
Two million stems of roses this week, we have 2% market share
Ecuador is the primary exporter, Kenya, Ethiopia Dutch have always led the industry

Pro flowers inundating the airwaves $60 with 
Five times a year men buy flowers 
There is no date coding
Shrink is under 2%
75% of flowers purchased for sale without a contract
The roses that we sell came I Tuesday, was cut seven  days prior at the farm,
It is hydrated for 24 hours, it is graded, then bunched and packed
The freight forwarding company, we invest in it, big distribution center in Miami,
By Thursday  full tractor trailor loads on Wednesday, 50 hours with a driving team
We turn our inventory 3 times a week.

There used to produce 90% in California, down to only 10%, due to government regulation increasing costs
The florist is producing living art
Costco has the best model, women with kids who get paid on what is sold, 
Farmers market is also a good place

Weekly drawing  $50. Angelo
Raffle $1100 Angelo