GSR Foundation Report and officers elected, Announcements, Program by a Rotarian from Downey, Raffle Update.
Glendale Sunrise Rotary Foundation, PP Jewel Price reported that the foundation
Invested, made donations,
Dave Smith, the Foundation Treasurer
$111,000 in assets
$5100 raised last year
Get names

Dave Smith, president-elect announced his board
Alex Parajon secretary
Nick Hacopian Treasuere
SFR Jeanette cordon
Pe Yvette Davis
Eli Gunnell
Nina Crowe
Robert Vance
Rick Dinger membership intl Jewel price
Club service Eric Hamilton
Hold a meeting, plan the year
Your imagination is the limit

Yvette Davis is having t shirts and polo shirts
Hoop Heroes is Sunday
Maria Gandarian  was presented with a card from the club

Ken Riedel and Frank made a presentation to the Pasadena Rotary club, that made a$2000 donation to the orphanage, very nice presentation of photos collected by Jorge

Taste of Glendale April 30

Tom Propst paid a fine for eric, man of the year
Rick Dinger a fine an introduction for Mario
Kris Hons just he and Rick spent two hours on Wednesday
Maria Gandera, for SmartAThon, thank yfor ylove and support, daughter went into Hospital, she is better now
Flowers from Rick and Rotary
PJ is exalted of the year
Jorge Vazquez honored Ken and Frank for
Harold Scoggins a fashion show Saturday, a Salvation Army Ladies of Loreal
Proceeds to Zone, la canada Country Club
Nina Crowe, great shows coming up

Rick Dinger presents
Next week Daily high school garden
Mario , mayor of Downey, member of the Downey Rotary , his father was president of the first Rotary club outside he us was in Havana Cuba
President of independent cities, serves 43 cities, local government at its best
Cities have their own police and fire, school districts, AB109
Local government is having challenges with Sacramento passing down unfounded mandates
50,000 students move from 2 to four year
150,000 moving back from four year to two year because they cannot find a job
AB 109 early release bad people are being released
We need to be focused on job creation, attracting job creators
Not pushing them out.
Character Counts
We augment in different ways including naming streets, putting up signs,
As a state, how do we tie it all together.
Nothing stops a bullet like a job, Home Boy industries
Reputation is what people think of you
Character is who you are

We will have four million jobs in the state in the next ten years for which we will not have talent.
Stem grants , science, technology, engineering, mechanical engineering
The state of California 48th in job creation

Weekly drawing. $70. Nick
Raffle. $1,469. Sharon Roth  12cards.  Glendale sister c