Saturday, May 9, 2015 Hathaway Sycamores, see Nina for detaile
Sharon Townsend took a fall, on bed rest
Taste of Glendale is Wednesday
Thursday, Salvation Army 7pm 
Book cleaning, see Nina Sonin for details
April 20, third session, he was confirmed
Tom Propst gave an update on Chief Scoggins.  The Seattle Fire Dept. now know that The chief likes data
Daughter made Garfield cheer squad
District Conference May 14-17, early bird deadline has been extended and discount too
Woodland Hills Rotary bike repair project
Fines and acknowledgements
Denise Miller, happy birthday! Celebrated in Nashville.
Glynn Martin, son is a coauthor for a book on LAPD with James Elroy,
LAPD '53
Zaven Kazazian reminder of April 24, 2015 wearing forget me nots
Peggy Riddle, procured her first client for David L. Smith CPA
Rice Gardens Restaurants 
Tom Propst, birthday
Denise Miller added more money
Ian O'Dwyer open house May 9th 1 to 4 Rosemont Pet Hospital
Steve Ropfogel thank Ian O'Dwyer for his orders
Headed to New York, to be with family
Keith Sorem. Glendale Rose Float, tell city counsel how you feel
Maria Guadalupe Gandera has a wicked sense of humor
August 15, 1968, 
Raised in San Fernando, stadium wall was the back of the house
Attended Melvin Elementary and San Fernando High School, she is a Tiger
Seven children, first grandchild to learn English.
Grand parents her raised, they speak only Spanish,
Lupe Aguilar 
Maria's grandmother liked to read, English or Spanish, it did not matter
High school is where everything happened. Lupe had a great counselor, she helped us choose which college to attend.
Her sister Tina followed her two year later.
Graduated from Stanford, taught for one year bilingual, went back,to school to earn 
masters from Claremont, 
Returned to teach 8'years in Pasadena, the was recruited to Glendale
We had a bad principal for two years, 
Wants to find out what a principal did, got a Masters in Administration at Cal State LA
Principal of Robert Vincent, Sunday Ryan
Now recruiting
Weekly drawing  $ 61 PJ 
Raffle $1609.  Angelo participates in Principle for a day