Jim Thomas gave a great talk...youtube video is coming...about being on the County Grand Jury,
Met at Firestation #21, catered by the Spot Gourmet, very nice breakfast.
Fines and Acknowledgements:
Don incardo 18 road trip with family
David Viar one year I was interviewed for president of GCC interviewed by chiefvScoggins
Zaven great video
Jim thomas will be gone for the next two weeks headed to Baltimore for Christmas straighter coming up from Texas
Jory Potts Sable is graduating from college with northridge with. Four point oh
Christmas spectacular 7:30pm

Jewel birthday of youngest son, coming home from Zurich
Rick Dinger sister in Carlsbad, her son was recognized by Rotary as a top student
Frank Lopez after so many years bought a new car
Don Icardo, travel,in through Dillon,  Montana, see a Kiwanis sign, it says Kiwanis collection box, they collect Elk Hides
PJ missed the Rotary Christmas party...so sorry
Wedding anniversary
Peggy Smith   - Zaven helped the company with benefits
$35.  Dave smith
$835 raised $35,000 to construct water wells in Bangladesh