No money, interesting program.


Ask eric for inspiration
Glynn Martin, greeter
Dr. Kevin Chang
Varan winner of a Banners on Brand
Nari teacher for Varan

We are purchasing vaccines and a cooler. Shannon is is required to put decals on the cooler and anything else they can find in Kenya

Sponsoring five clients at the Campbell Center

Yvette wear you t-shirts 
Chief Scoggins 1pm Sat. June 7 at Bloomingdales

Not Even For A Minute  poster

Fines and Acknowledgments
Maria Gandara school ends on Tuesday
Andrew Pirim I will be at the world seniors of poker, June 17
Been practicing in casinos, I had no idea math was so important
Frank Lopez, thanks to Ray Rangwala for the food that filled the van we rented,
Purchased a yellow tail tuna for the kids in the Orphanage,
Ian, go Blackhawks
Glynn Martin thank you, going to the car show
Zainul Abedin, heading tonBangladesh for 20 days
Scott, thank Tom taking clothing to the San Fernando Mission
For Yvette, she has been supportive of Operation Gratitude, a gift for Yvette , a book that commemorates their first ten years of operation

Marilyn, John was in a car accident, he was not hurt, we bought a new car.
A Subaru Forester, everyone is ok 

President of the Campbell Center board, 

August 9 and 10, take out your Palm  Pilots, next trip to Estado 29

Yvette's cousin teacher at Clark,Donated  $20 
Rotarians are invited to be a judge formSenior projects

Jory Potts, had chest pains, driving to the bank, in December I quit smoking, did not want to have my shirts removed by the paramedics at work, went to the hospital

Dr. Kate O'Dwyer, 
Small pet hospital, 
Cool cases 
Blonde, coyote dislocated is jaw, broke his mandible
ADR diagnosis. Ain't doing right

$24 weekly drawing Andrew Pirim
Raffle $$124.  dr. PJ Pati. 
Supported Glendale publicmlibrar adult literacy program

Next week roger Broerman