Thanks to the Pasadena Rotary. Club for helping Estado 29, also an interesting program on Credti unions.
Rotary minutes 3/6/15
Tom brought a captain from the fire department
Josh announces Glendale woman of the year Sharon Townsend and Patty is being honored for being a businesswoman
Jim Thomas discussed reading at Read Across America in honor of Dr Seuss's birthday
Jorge announces trip on March 21st to the orphanage
Pasadena noon is donating $1500
April 12 is Hoop Heros
Can drive for 2000 cans of tuna
March 26th goodbye party for chief Scaggins at Paladio tickets are $50 6:30 pm
Bras for a Cause theme is love fairy tails late April
March 21 is rotary day at Griffin Park 5 k run and picnic
District conference is coming up at hotel Cornado
May 28th father Boyle will be speaking at a joint Glendale Rotary meeting
Rick Dinger gives 5 dollars
Keith pointed out Eric Hamilton is the Glendale News Press
Keith's daughter got her drivers license
Pin check!!!!
Yvette has a new nephew
Arthur had been ill and happy to be back
3 career fairs coming up with elementary schools
Eric Hamilton mediated and moderated debates for school board and city council
Montrose chamber having poker tournament March 26 at CVI
Carolyn Lyons with Glendale Federal Credit Union business development director
Lives in La Crescenta
Loves football and hockey's and does laundry in her spare time
Explains how a credit union works and history of Glendale federal
$ 40
$1042 Marilyn Gunnell (sorry, she did not win!)