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President David Smith quizzed the club regarding how the club has funded many worthwhile projects from Banners On Brand, and encouraged members to purchase banners now, ask your business associates.
Due July 1st, Banners Up August through Labor Day

Program, Wynn Rich, president of the Van Nuys Rotary Club
Wynn was a corporal in the Marine Corps.
He conveyed the story of a boy looking at a plaque that listed names of people killed in the service of their country.  The plaque was in the foyer of a church, and the pastor went up to the boy and asked him what he thought.  Alex looked thoughtfully at the names and asked the pastor," we're they killed in the 8:30 or 10 am service?

June 14, 1777 the congress declared Flag Day.  They declared that for each new state a star and stripe would be added.  It soon became apparent that this arrangement is not practical, so they came up with the idea of retaining 13 stripes to represent the original thirteen colonies.

January 6, 1912 New Mexico, Arizona, the. 1959 Alaska became a state, then six months later, Hawaii became a state.

Banner presentation by exchange student from India in Mexico, visiting the U.S. For the first time.
Ray Rangwala, Jorge Vazquez, and Frank Lopez gave an update on Estado 29, the orphanage near Ensenada, Mexico.

Kathy Thorossian,s (former GSR Rotarian)  husband passed way http://www.glendalenewspress.com/sports/tn-gnp-former-glendale-high-football-coach-rafik-thorossian-dies-at-44-20150610,0,5916487.story

Weekly Drawing $30  Nick Hacopian
Raffle $195 Ohannes Garabetian