Learn where the board is spending money, upcoming projects, who has been caught red handed, and an interesting program about Alabaster Mobil Clinics of Africa

Ohannes Garabetian introduced by Zaven Kazaaian

Zainul introduced Shannon Fernando
The board bought an Epson projector for the club.

Thurs. May 1st club fellowship at the Wine Cave

Hoop Heroes - Rick recognized Kris Honsne for coaching, Tom Propst,
Jeanett Cordon MVP

May 15 book distribution was announced by Nina Sonin
Book cleaning next Saturday

Taste of Glendale April 30, for Glendale Healthy Kids

Glendale Fire Foundation announced by Sharon Townsend
Walking the runway for a Bloomingdales fashion Show June 7th

President elect Dave Smith, District Assembly, May 10th
May 16th, district conference, Indian Wells

Character ACE awards, announced by Nina Crowe, May 10 at the Alex, the club is a sponsor

Tom Propst birthday is next Wednesday, one year closer to retirement
He has the best boss in the world, Harold Scoggins agreed.

Tom's son, Logan, had a great time last week, had a swim accident
Nancy Young, major career change, had a client, will be having attorneys bringing her buisness, she is very pleased

Dave Smith, April 15th, was not very pretty this year
As of the 28th had 100 returns come in (too many at the last minute)

Peggy Riddle, having a romantic  weekend in Las Vegas, see Elton John,

Eric Hamilton, his wife was here last week.had a great time

Next week member of  Congress Adam Schiff

Alabaster Mobil Clinics of Africa
Shannon Fernando

Family nurse practioner, works in downtown Los Angeles serving the homeless.
She started this non-profit three years ago to address the health needs in rural Africa.
Why Africa?
Africa has a doctor and nurse shortage, so we decided to focus on Africa. We travel in August for two or three weeks.

Four main strategies:
1.  Home vists- most aid groups set up in major cities, we travel 80 to 90 miles.  Be observing their environment we can better understand the nature of their illness
They cook in the hut, no ventilation, soot collects on the ceiling, so children have a cough like smokers,
2.  Malaria
3. Deworming - due to dirt water, then educate them about hygiene habits, including how to cook and avoid contamination
4. Typhoid

We treat acute illnesses
We go to schools in the area, operate in the schools because they know where it is.
There is a local non-profit selects where we serve.

We sleep in a nine person tent we live similar to our patients.
No electricity, we use solar, no running

Immunization for hepatitis B and typhoid.  Vaccines need to be kept cold, looking for a thermal electric cooler than operates off of a car.
We focus primarily on women and children

Health Education
One in ten children will die before age ten due to diarrhea and pnemonia
There is a rotary in Kenya. Rotary donated motorcycles to distribute polio vaccine

Treat infectious trachoma, leads to long term blindness, only costs $10 per dose.
Working on establishing a school clinic that would be sustainable.

Our motto is, " you have not been forgotten" Isaiah

The participants pay $3000 to attend the trip, would like to have them pay less to encourage more medical professionals to participate.

Weekly drawing.  $71   Andrew Pirim
Raffle. $1,604.  Robert Vance , ten cards, supported Braile a institute luncheon