Great program on reality television.


Pete Tartaglia
Pat Longo, Andy's Transfer
Pam Ropfogel

Debbie Sneed

David Smith, convention report from Sydney
polio update, wHO update on red abdication
A good chance by the end of 2014  eradication is possible.  Nigeria has had only three cases this year, there is only one area of Pakistan.
Type 2 none since 1999
Type 3 none for a year
Type 1, 70 cases in Pakistan, a few in Afghanistan, and three in Nigeria

There was a banner presentation, 
The president elect of RI 

Rick Dinger, please RSVP to the Demotion party

Saturday Glendale Fire foundation Fashion Walk
Bloomingdales donated 10% of the proceeds! all in all raised $10,000
Sharon Townsend was the event chair did a great job.
The Spot Gourmet did a great job.

Estado 29, August 9 and 10th, see Ray Rangwala

Allen Daily High School garden Project, Marilyn Gunnell, the project is progressing well.  She was happy to see the progress on the mural.
The mural is being designed by the students, it will be the entire side of a building.  They have a professional muralist directing the project

Fines and Acknowledgements 

Kris Hons, I became the chair of the Glendale Golf Tournament, was very successful, over $100,000

Dr. Viar, was a very successful tournament, kudos to Kris and his team,
This week was graduation of 700 plus at GCC
My picture was on the cover of the Glendale News Press

Rick Dinger, my brother in law here, three graduations, trip to Hawaii, and for josh Sneed bringing his sister here

Ian O'Dwyer, enjoyed playing the tournament, violet turned one, she is vin good health

Nina, Martin Short, coming to the Alex next week, there will be an after party,
There is a walk on oart on ebay if you want to go onstage with him

Peggy Smith. I apologize, I have to run to the office, I apologize to the speaker

Rick Dinger, past president and program chair
Pete Tartaglia, free lance producer to produce a show

These production companies come up with ideas, then sell them to the networks.  Once sold they hire me to make the show happens.
They are filmed in real live environments, so the production costs are low, which is why the networks like them.

The secrets
Duck Dynasty is all scripted...

In 2012 600 reality shows on air
2013 over 1200 shows

An episode for Real housewives $400,000 per 
CSI $3 to $4 million
No residuals
In one airing the cost is recouped.

Pam McGee, son plays for Denver Nuggets


Weekly Drawing. $30. Zaven
Raffle $184 Jory Potts. Helped Glendale sister cities program provide ambulance for 
Capt. Bill, sheriffs department t.