Thinking about your next vacation?  We enjoyed a very interesting speaker from Montrose Travel.
Pat Ford
Montrose Travel

Tom Propst ChristophevScott Blnn

Robin Spot Gourmet

Toll Middle School Interact Club Banners were presented.  Congratulations

Fines And Acknowledgements

Jory Potts
Thanks to Ken Riedel helping out at Toll Middle School
 Interact Club meeting on Thursday. 
She also bought a new car, quit her job, got a new that starts on Monday
Wednesday gave notice at the bank, they asked me to leave today, starts new job next week
Ian O'Dwyer thanked Eric Hamilton for taking him to a business meeting
Denise Miller was gone last week, was re-appointed to the California Occupational Therapy, she is president
Tri Fritz, foundation a $750,000 grant revved from. Unihealth, largest
Nina 22 years wedding anniversary
Christopher for Tom buying , sang in World Series of karaoke in Las Vegas
Dave Smith birthday  39 again
Yvette for Tom Propst as fine master
Peggy,put birthday card on coffee pot, trip to Disneyland

Dr. Viar introduced Pat Ford, Montrose Travel
Master Cruise counselor.
Why Use A Travel Agent
We understand your desires,
Travel protection insurance
The staff travel extensively so they can provide insights into trips and destinations.
Family-owned by the McClure family, debt free, own our four buildings, and a loyalty office in Palmdale.

Most interesting to travel to Hawaii by train.   The lady did not know it was an island.
Does not recommend Trip Advisor. Very small sample size.

People complain about Expedia with people that show up at hotels and they don't have their reservations.

Her favorite is Royal Caribbean
Luxury would be Regent
River cruise line- Uniroyal

Alaska, Caribbean, Hawaii are her top three cruise destinations.

The most exotic place....Dubai, Machu Pichu, African Safari,
When traveling internationally Pat recommends planning a year ahead.
Airfare is very expensive.

Weekly drawing $37.   Dave Smith
Raffle.  $   1,078      Jewel Price.  Cards
Supported Glendale Historical Society at the Dr. House