A great program regarding our veterans and the care they need.
Passing of Connie Baker, PDG Doug Baker,  wife passed away

Bras For. Cause

Mon. Feb. 29 Reading at Delcin Drive Elementary

Hoop Heroes, Sunday, April 3rd

Fines and Acknowledgements
Nina Sonin  was Sick and skiing in Vail
Rick Dinger was fined again
Eric Hamilton CV Insurance named Business of the year by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce
Harold Scoggins. Visiting from Seattle, join him in May for the inaugural Rotary Seattle Firefighter Awards Luncheon

Wellness Works. Www.wellnessworks.org
They have been in Glendale for 30 years.

Every third Saturday Joe cooks a Barbecue, the community is invited.
Getting back into the groove of regular life.

Cranialmsaperl helps with traumatic brain injury, cannot sleep, control their moods, this hour treatment helps with sleep.

When you have acupuncture on a weekly basis, it really helps headaches.
The VA does not support Wellness Works.  They received funds from Dignity Health, they are going mobile with a bus to go to colleges and reach out to the fits.

Joe has been with us for a while, he was in Desert Storm.

Wellness Works helped Joe return to school .
Veterans take an oath when you enlist, they have adopted an slogan, "Veterans continuing to serve".  There is a writers group, that they supply for the entertainment industry.
"Not on my watch" to raise awareness seven days 24 hour event about veteran suicide, currently 22 commit suicide each day.  The community at large does not know the problems veterans face.
Community Resiliency model

Joe was a gunners mate, first on a destroyer, fired first Tomahawk missile on Desert Shield.
We are multi-dimensional beings, physical, spiritual, mental, spiritual, emotional.  Boot camp removes the emotion, however after service they do not repair, restore, the emotions.

Was a fifth grade teacher, burnt out, went back to school earned a master in therapy, eventually hired as manager of intake for Wellness Works.

I recall when my dad left the service, my father, a vet of WW2 and Korea, is was difficult for him to adjust to normal life.

Joe had Ms. Lynch had her as a fifth grade teacher.  She caused him to decide to repeat the fourth grade.  She was encouraging,
She played guitar at his fathers funeral.  Kathy has been instrumental in helping so many veterans who need support.

Yvette Davis shared her talk with an Iraqi vet who worked at the Abu Grabe Prison.

Weekly drawing $45 Angelo Cirrincione
$1,122 raffle,  Nick Hacopian 22 cards
Raised $35,000 for water wells in Banglesh