Posted by Leonard Shonka on Aug 25, 2017
Weekly Morning Meeting
August 25, 2017
Oakmont Country Club
  1. The Meeting was called to order by President Elect Peggy Smith
  2. Meeting Roles
  • Greeter - Velvet Rhodes
  • Cashier - Les Vincent
  • Inspiration - David Smith
  • 4-Way Test - Zainul Abedin
  1. Announcements
  • Dave Smith gave a recap of the Rotary Foundation
    • The Rotary Foundation can be accessed by Rotary Direct on the Internet
      • You can access Rotary International
      • View lists of donors to various causes
      • Various donation plans are recommended for each level of donor
  • Glendale Community College is conducting a food drive for needy students at Glendale Community Community
    • Please bring appropriate food stuffs to the Rotary meeting on September 15
    • Contact Anita Wallace for further details
  • The Wine Tasting Fundraiser is scheduled for September
    • Sign up through the Glendale Sunrise Rotary website
    • All are welcome
    • The cost is $50
  • The District Picnic
    • Takes place from 5pm to 9pm on August 26
    • Ken Riedel and Eric Hamilton will be paddling the boat in the race
    • See Eric Hamilton with any parking questions or carpooling requests
    • The Cardboard ship for the race was brought in to show the club. The name of the boat is "Ship Happens".
  • Keith Sorem, the head of the Lucky 7 Club, encouraged more people to volunteer for roles at future meetings
  1. The Sergeant-At-Arms, Jeanett Cordon, oversaw the collection of fines and acknowledgements
  2. Anita Wallace introduced the speaker, Brian Han from the Liberty in North Korea Program
  • The Organization is dedicated to smuggling North Korean Defectors out of North Korea safely
  • Brian outlined the many logistical and safety problems that refugees face when fleeing North Korea
  1. Sergeant-at-Arms Jeanett Cordon oversaw the opportunity drawings
  2. President Elect Peggy Smith adjourned the meeting