Good day, fellow Rotarians!
This week's special meeting will be a Forest Lawn in Glendale and our guest speaker will be Tom Smith from Forest Lawn.
Please join us at this Friday's Rotary meeting: February 15th @ 7:00 am at the Glendale Forest Lawn. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please arrive early to allow for parking and walking to the meeting room.  Signs and greeters will direct you.  Enter from the main entry off of Glendale Avenue, then turn left, enter the parking lot, and enter the nearest building  (See map attached).  Forest Lawn will be providing program that will includes gift bags of specially chosen items from their gift store that will be raffled, along with an option to take a tour of the mausoleum for famous celebrities, including Michael Jackson.  The tour will take place after the meeting concludes at 8:30am.  You will drive up to the mausoleum and park nearby.

There is a map attached to this email.  If you need help feel free to text Phil Kubel, at 818-314-5666.  This event is being catered, so to have an accurate count please rsvp.  This would be a great event to bring a guest.  Let the Club Secretary, Anita Wallace, know if you are bringing someone at

Greeter - Cody Smith
Inspiration - Ken Riedel
4 Way Test - Jewal Price
Pledge of Allegiance - Phil Kubel
Sgt. at Arms - Phil Kubel
Cashier - Alireza Naiminejad
Yours in service,
Cody Smith
GSR Club Services