Sep 13, 2019
Chief Corey Rose, LAFD

COREY ROSE “The essence of leadership is the influence and motivation     of others, even in the absence of the leader”

Corey Rose received a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Leadership, and making a difference.  He also has a Bachelors in Emergency Management, and is a graduate from the Los Angeles Fire Departments (LAFD) Leadership Academy. He is currently an Assistant Chief responsible for emergency operations for half the city of Los Angles and the development of other Chief Officers, an Incident Commander for a LAFD Incident Management Team, a Task Force Leader (TFL) for a National Search and Rescue Team, and an Operations Chief working on a Federal Incident Management Team. He has a tremendous amount of experience working with local, state, and federal government agencies on multiple levels, establishing outstanding relationships, working together for the best outcomes. 

Advancing through a series of life experiences, coupled with a tremendous amount of training and education,  Corey’s leadership has expanded well beyond the traditional theories of leadership, and dives into the, how to make it work, and the secret of influencing and motivating others, even in the absence of the leader.  He has taught in many different areas in the All Risk environment, ranging from leadership, decision making, wildland, pre-hospital care, urban search and rescue, overall incident management, All Risk Simulation Training (Planning, Design, and Delivery), stressing clear leaders intent, making a difference, all while developing others for the better in the process.   


  • LAFD Medal of Valor
  • United States Congress, Outstanding Performance Award
  • California State Senate, Outstanding Firefighter/Paramedic of the Year
  • City of Los Angeles, Certificate of Tribute, Heroic Service to the United States
  • 9/11 Commendation Medal, Governor Gray Davis, Courageous service
  • California State Legislature, Resolution: Outstanding Performance
  • United States Congress, Certificate of Special Recognition
  • Board of Fire Commissioners, Resolution No. 1086, Unselfish Commitment & Dedication


  • Safety Emergency Response Team (SERT) Calvary Community Church, Operations
  •  Amore Ministries, building homes in Mexico
  • Bible study to first responders