Aug 02, 2019
Catherine Ngyugen, DNA Laboratory Supervisor
Verdugo Regional Crime Laboratory

The VRCL is designed to assist the criminal justice community in analyzing evidence taken from crime scenes. The VRCL uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment in the analysis of evidence. Examiners employed at the VRCL are highly trained and educated in their fields of specialty. They also receive extensive training in their areas of expertise. Each is qualified to provide expert courtroom testimony. The VRCL was granted accreditation by ASCLD/LAB-International Program in May 2013.

The VRCL is comprised of the Forensic Biology Unit, Computer Forensics Unit, and Forensic Services Unit. Three Examiners staff the DNA lab, four examiners in Forensic Services (which includes NIBIN, Crime Scene Processing and Latent Prints), and four examiners in the Computer Forensics Lab. The staff also provides training to law enforcement officers and detectives in crime scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation.

The VRCL offer forensic services which include the following:

Crime Scene Investigations: Photography, Evidence Collection, Scene Sketch

Forensic Biology: DNA, CODIS

Latent Prints: Processing, Comparisons, AFIS

Firearms: Test fire and NIBIN

Digital Forensics: Computers and Cell Phones

About Catherine: Catherine Nguyen obtained her B.S. and PhD in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Nguyen has worked at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Texas Department of Public Safety prior to establishing the Verdugo Regional Crime Laboratory Forensic Biology Unit at the Glendale Police Department. The Forensic Biology Unit serves over 30 federal, regional and local law enforcement agencies. In 2017, Dr. Nguyen promoted to DNA Laboratory Supervisor at the Verdugo Regional Crime Laboratory. She has been recognized for her work by the Verdugo-Montrose Chamber of Commerce, the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Glendale Police Department. Currently, Dr. Nguyen serves the Laboratory Director of the Verdugo Regional Crime Laboratory. She is an active member of the American Academy of Forensic Science, the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, the California Association of Crime Laboratory Directors and the California Criminalistics Institute.