How To Help Dyslexic Students Win!
Mar 06, 2020
Dr. Marianne Cintron
How To Help Dyslexic Students Win!

Sixty-five percent of students are failing to reach grade level reading by 4th grade and not catching up. Reading failures cause students to have low self-esteem and they become at risk of dropping out of high school and going to prison. It doesn’t have to be this way! With the right training program, teachers who teach up to 120-140 students a day, will be saving thousands of lives and helping students for many years to come!

In this presentation, you will learn:
• How teachers recognize a dyslexic student
• What teachers need to do to effectively teach a dyslexic student
• The power of music and how it impacts the brain of a dyslexic student

“Cruz is a 2nd grader and felt his little kindergarten sister was smarter than him. Within weeks, as a result of learning to read, his self-esteem has sky-rocketed! He is now teaching his little sister the phonics and grammar rules. Now he feels smarter than his baby sister!” Cruz’s Mom

Dr. Marianne Cintron has a Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Administration, has a Masters in General Education and one in Special Education, and has two California Teaching Credentials. She is a Dyslexia Specialist, President of Step By Step Dyslexia Solutions, and a National Trainer. She has twenty years of experience in Education, ten years as a Classroom Teacher, is an Author, App Developer, and Curriculum Writer. After teaching in several districts, she left the school system to have a greater reach and to help schools learn about teaching dyslexic students. She is currently a board member of the International Dyslexia Association–Tri County Branch, a member of the Pomona Chamber of Commerce, and Secretary of Christian Business Partners in Glendora. She is the only educator using music with her reading program to effectively help dyslexic students improve in reading at a profound rate. She is passionate to share this information with schools in order to close the achievement gap in reading and stop the school to prison pipeline