Readers for Reading Across America at Deleven Drive Elementary School. 
Also, a great program from the Noise Within.
Eric Hamilton Lucky Seven mtg next Friday after the meeting
Yvette Davis attended PETS , President selects Training, had a great time
Learned a lot, met great people, 
Rick Dinger reminded us about April Hoop Heroes, basketball game to benefit the Salvation Army food bank
Ray Rangwala come March 21st & 22nd to Estado 29 and meet the new children in the orphana
President Dave Smith reminded the District Conference @ Lowes Coronado May
Mrs. Smith announced a special luncheon featuring Father Gregory Boyle, 
Meeting at Adventist Hospital Thursday, May 28, with Glendale Noon Rotary Club, jointly Donating $7,500 to Home Boy Industries
Harold Scoggins - leaving Glendale to be Fire Chief in Seattle starting April 1s
Nina Crowe Wedding Anniversary 21st
Rich Dinger, missed three meeting, was in San Diego, Santa Barbara, Panama, 
Bought his office building.
Harold Scoggins recognized as Man of the year by the Glendale Latino Association
GCC was recognized as organization of the year, David Viar, GCC President announced
Maria Gandera have been in negotiations the last three Fridays. Looking for Career day speakers needed, please contact her.
Peggy Smith reminded the club about Reading Across America,  Dr, Seuss' birthday on Monday.  Contact Jim Thomas if you would like to read to the students.
A Noise Within.  JulianRodriguez Elliott artistic Director
Currently rehearsing Julius Caesar, went to bed after midnight, 
Trained as actors at the American Conservatory in San Francisco, taught by Bill Ball.
At that time the only real theatre was in New York if one wanted to perform the classics
In our twenties decided to perform Hamlet, invested the $3,000 which was all of their savings, through the Glendale Historical Society, arranged to use the. Masonic Temple, 
There was a sense after that they had struck a strident chord.  
They serve about 12,000 students annually.
Opened the Pasadena in 2010
The historic facade designed by the fellow who designed Radio City Music Hall and buildings at Cal Tech, 
The interior is a build out, 
Our work is consistent, we have grown consistently over the years.
The state of the art venue allows us to serve more students.  Through generous funding we are able to provide many students the unique experience at a full scholarship, or perhaps discounted.  
Weekly drawing $42 Yvette 
Raffle $1.203. Alex Parajon raised for Polio Plus