Jun 08, 2018 7:00 AM
PDG Garbis Der Yeghiayan
Glendale Sunrise Open House

Garbis joined Rotary in 1981.  He holds a PHD from Northwestern University.  Garbis served his local club as President in 1984, and in 1999-2000, he was District Govenor.  He was honored in Barcelona at the Rotary International Convention as "The Most Distinguished District Govenor".   On the National level, he has held many positions.  Garbis is famous for his involvment  in World Peace through Rotary.   He has written 15 books, and the list goes on.  Currently he is President and Professor of Educational Administration  at Mashdots College in Glendale. .We are fortunate indeed to have such a man speak to us about his favorite subject  - Rotary International..