Proposition 19
Jul 30, 2021
Assessor Prang
Proposition 19

Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang was elected in 2014 as the 27th Assessor for the County of Los Angeles and re-elected in 2018.
Raised in Warren, Michigan, Assessor Prang is a graduate of Michigan State University. After graduation, Mr. Prang relocated to California where he served nearly 18 years as a councilmember for the City of West Hollywood, including four terms as Mayor, among many other positions in the public sector.
Upon taking office in 2014 as the Los Angeles County Assessor, Mr. Prang implemented sweeping reforms to ensure that the strictest ethical guidelines rooted in fairness, accuracy and integrity would be adhered to in his office.
Assessor Prang is a State Board of Equalization licensed appraiser and administers the largest office of its kind in the nation with 1,300 employees that provides the foundation for a property tax system that generates over $17 billion annually.