Contact: Les Vincent
Glendale Sunrise
United States of America

Bring your unwanted shoes to our meetings this month so we can donate them at the District Breakfast on 31March!

Shoes will be collected during our meetings through

Friday, March 27

Your used shoes are tired of being stuck in the closet.  Let them live again. Share them with those who have none.  Children need shoes to get to school if they are lucky, or walk miles for water if not so.  Adults need shoes to get to and perform work.  Any kind of shoes including boots, sandals and high heels are needed.

Soles4Souls has collected over 2 million pairs of shoes per year for many years for distribution in the U.S. and around the world to those in need. 

Most used shoes end up in landfills adding to pollution, when they could be allowing a child to get to school or an adult to get to work.

Soles4Souls was formed by Wayne Elsey in response to the tsunami in South-East Asia in 2004 and provided thousands of pairs after Katrina.  The U.S. need has first priority but distribution is worldwide.

In addition to shoes, Soles4Souls relies on contributions to cover the cost of collection and distribution.  You can contribute directly at