Contact: Nina Crowe
Glendale Sunrise
United States of America

Since March, GCC has provided over half a million pounds of groceries to members of our community through its weekly Drive-Through Food Bank!

Glendale Sunrise Rotary has promised GCC that we'll be there in full force to help with this very important project. on Wednesday, November 4th  from 12pm-3pm (the published start time is 1pm, but volunteers start at 12pm in order to begin early as there is always a long line of cars that begin arriving 1-hour before the event).

Step 1: Login or Create a Create a Sign Up at
Step 2: Once you have your account open, you can sign up here: and feel free to sign up your family and friends too.
Step 3: Check the "Sign Up" box
Step 4: Confirm the information is correct, and then click on the "Sign Up Now" button
This link will eventually open up to the public, but for now it's only open to our club. Please sign up right away to reserve your spot.
Below are the COVID Safety Protocols from LA Regional Food Bank:
  1. All volunteers must wear their own face covering/mask at all times. 

  2. The LARFB provides gloves, which are required to be worn at all times. You don’t need to bring gloves unless you want a special glove for yourself.

  3. All food recipients remain in their cars with masks on. The food is placed directly in the trunk. (they never exit their cars). 

  4. Hand sanitizer is not provided.

  5. Volunteers should practice social distancing (unless they are from the same family). 

Here is the link again:

Sign up today to secure your spot.