May 07, 2021
Ara Oshagan
Reckoning: Racism and Resistance in Glendale
The exhibit presents rarely accessed archival photos and documents through an innovative digital platform and provides a glimpse into the story of systemic racism as told through Glendale’s archives. Due to a scarcity of Black voices and content in the archives, “Reckoning” includes interviews with contemporary scholars and local activists who contextualize and connect the historical material to the present-day. Rather than providing a comprehensive history of systemic racism and anti-Blackness, “Reckoning” is designed to be a tool for discovery and further research in the work towards an anti-racist future.
“Reckoning” unfolds through six weekly episodes. Each episode is accessed through an interactive digital portal image of a location in current-day Glendale related to the city’s racist history. “Reckoning” launched on February 1, 2021 at The exhibit is designed and produced by Brand Library & Art Center and ReflectSpace Gallery and is curated by Shannon Currie-Holmes, Ara Oshagan and Anahid Oshagan. Archival research by Holli Teltoe with production assistance from Erin Stone, Gegham Sargsyan, Trent Sneed, Anna Wittenberg, Anastasia  Denos, Shannon Brogan, Gregory Gonzalez and Erin Stone.
“Reckoning” is presented by Glendale Library Arts & Culture, with support from the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission, the Glendale Library Trust and the Brand Associates.