Glendale Sunrise
United States of America

We would love for your Club to join us and I am working on getting an additional Club as well so I believe that you and the additional Club would pay $1000 each unless that amount doesn’t make sense because of available participants(for example, we are not asking $1000 from Burbank Sunrise because they will have only a few people available to participate)

Each Club that participates gets to choose where a portion of the completed meal packages are donated(ie. Food Bank, shelter...)

It’s a really fun project that helps a large number of people and we would get a chance to get to know each other. Check it out and share it with your club and let me know.


The meals we pack not only help feed underserved people in our own communities but the money raised is also used in Tanzania for Outreach Program’s Children’s learning center where they provide uniforms, feed and teach the children. The money not only supports FOOD and EDUCATION but also provides access to CLEAN WATER and addresses Tanzania community health needs with PORTA DOC Services. The founders of Outreach Program are also Rotarians(Iowa, & Tanzania).

Please join us on this adventure!